Original Xbox Softmod Kit


The Original Xbox Softmod Kit is a "Do It Yourself Service", it's the easiest way to mod the original Xbox, just follow the tutorial. No need for action replay, xploder, modchip, to disassemble or to solder. Free your Original Xbox and explore all new features i.e. play ROMs via Emulators, play import games, install XBMC4Xbox Media Center, burn games and/or install them on the Original Xbox hard drive. One purchase will soft-mod multiple Xbox's! En EspaƱol

Xbox Softmod Memory Card
The memory card is available for [NTSC] or [PAL] meaning it's compatible with any Original Xbox worldwide.

The Xbox softmod memory card is available at eBay, Amazon and half.com

Splinter Cell
The Splinter Cell for sale is [NTSC] and is only for U.S. & Canada Xbox's. If you already have Splinter Cell make sure it is the first in the series released in 2002, either black label or platinum hits will work. The other Splinter Cell games will not work i.e. Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, and Double Agent. The Xbox softmod memory card and Splinter Cell are both required to install the softmod.

US customers can purchase Splinter Cell from us at eBay

International customers will require a [PAL] version of Splinter Cell, black label or classics edition. Purchase at Amazon (uk), CEX (uk), eBay (uk), CEX (au) or eBay (au).

Softmod Features

• Easy to follow - Xbox Softmod Tutorial
• Mod multiple Xbox's w/one purchase
• Play ROMs on Xbox Emulators
• Access Homebrew Apps i.e. XBMC 
• Ability to install Linux OS Windows 98
• Play burned & import Xbox games
• System-Link Xbox Games w/one copy
• Play DVD's w/o the DVD Movie Playback Kit 
• Ability to upgrade Xbox Hard Drive
• Converts the Xbox into a region-free DVD Player