Original Xbox Softmod Kit


"The Xbox Softmod Kit is simple and the most secure way to softmod your original Xbox"

Yes! The Xbox Softmod Kit memory card is pre-loaded and ready to install the original Xbox softmod. Available for [NTSC] or [PAL].

The Xbox Softmod Kit allows you to modify your original Xbox without the use of a mod-chip. Instead, all the work has been done for you, there is "no" need for action replay, xploder, to disassemble or to solder. The Xbox Softmod Kit consists of an Xbox memory card pre-loaded with the best and most secure softmod files to ensure you get your Xbox softmod installed. Splinter Cell and the memory card both work together to install the Xbox softmod. 

Once you've installed the Xbox softmod you'll be instantly able to play import games, install emulators, ROMs, XBMC (Xbox Media Center), burn games or install them on your original Xbox hard drive. Included is the Xbox softmod video and written tutorials, which guides you through all the new possible features. The Xbox Softmod Kit is available worldwide. The Xbox Softmod Kit is only available upon request. Place your order

Original Xbox Memory Card Unit - Xbox Softmod Kit

Splinter Cell makes it possible.

Splinter Cell Original Xbox
Splinter Cell (media disc)
Splinter Cell (media disc) is the required game that will activate the files on the Xbox Softmod Kit memory card. The Xbox Softmod Kit memory card is required to install the Xbox softmod. 

*Customers in Europe and Australia require [PAL] Splinter Cell to install the Xbox softmod.

100 + emulators available on Xbox.

Original Xbox Emulators
The Microsoft Xbox was designed to only play Xbox games. The Xbox Softmod Kit allows the Xbox to install various classic video game systems via emulation i.e. Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64 (N64), MAME, Game Boy Advance many more. 

Import, backup, homebrew and rip Xbox games.

original xbox games exclusives
With the Xbox Softmod Kit you're able to play homebrew Xbox games, import Xbox games from other countries, rip Xbox games to your built-in hard drive and play your backup Xbox game discs. 

XBMC, the best Xbox media center.  

XBMC (Xbox Media Center) XBMC4Xbox
With the Xbox Softmod Kit, XBMC/Kodi media center can be installed on your Xbox. Access all your digital media files to play them on your Xbox. Stream your favorite video, music and photos from a computer or home network connection. Rip DVD's to the Xbox hard drive, play DVD's region free without the previously required DVD Movie Playback Kit. 

Convert your Xbox into a personal computer.

xdsl xbox damn small linux gnu
With the Xbox Softmod Kit, Xbox Linux Project is accessible, allowing GNU Linux to install on your Xbox. It can convert the Xbox into a personal computer (PC) for internet browsing, text editing, file managing and more. A mouse and keyboard can be used with a usb converter. There's several types of Xbox Linux i.e. xDSL, Gentoox and Xebian. Windows 98 can also be installed atop of Linux xDSL. 

Unlimited Xbox softmod installs. 

UnleashX Xbox Dashboard
With the Xbox Softmod Kit you have control of how many original Xbox's you want to softmod. With just one memory card you softmod over an unlimited amount of Xbox's.


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