Original Xbox Softmod Kit


The Original Xbox Softmod Kit is a "Do It Yourself Service", it's the easiest way to mod the original Xbox. No need for action replay, xploder, modchip, to disassemble or to solder. Free your Original Xbox and explore all new features i.e. play ROMs via Emulators, play import games, install XBMC (Xbox Media Center), burn games and/or install them on the Original Xbox hard drive. One purchase will soft-mod multiple Xbox's! En EspaƱol

Xbox Softmod Memory Card
The memory card is available for either [NTSC] or [PAL] meaning it's compatible with any Original Xbox worldwide.

Softmod Features

Soft-mod means software modification. The Original Xbox Softmod Kit will soft-mod the Xbox without the need to disassemble or install a modchip. To modify is to install new software over the original while giving the Xbox new features. These great new features are described below.

Emulation (Retro Gaming)

The Microsoft Xbox was designed to only play Xbox games. However, a modded Xbox can play games from classic video game systems by installing emulators. Emulators are programs that play ROMs. ROMs are video games contained into a single file. ROMs also make it easy to play import games from retro systems such as Japanese titles that were not released in the North America or Europe.

Play games from Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Game Boy Advance (GBA), Mega Drive/Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Atari, MAME Arcade and other game consoles. Additionally, the Sega CD and Neo-Geo CD emulators are able to load their original game discs directly from the Xbox disc drive. Complete list of Emulators for the Original Xbox.

Original Xbox Games (Import/Backup)

original xbox games xbox softmod kit import backupOriginal Xbox games can be played from the hard drive as ISO image files. It can also play imported original Xbox games, the Xbox games released in Japan, Europe, Australia & North America, so no matter which country you're in you can play all the released Xbox games. Also play homebrew games and backup copies of an original Xbox game disc. The original Xbox also has the ability to rip game discs directly to the hard drive, this can be done after softmodding the console. The Xbox already has an 8GB hard drive that can also be upgraded when modded. Making backup copies of games allows you to system-link Xbox's with just one copy of the game disc.

Multimedia (XBMC/XBMC4XBOX)

xbmc xbmc4xbox original xbox media center Transform your classic Xbox into a killer media center. Install XBMC on the original Xbox to access all your digital media files to play them on Xbox. Connect the Xbox to a computer or home network to stream video, music and photos. Additionally, play region free DVD's without the DVD Movie Playback Kit and rip DVD's to the Xbox hard drive. *XBMC or XBMC4XBOX are free homebrew apps available to all modded original Xbox's.

Xbox Linux Project/Windows 98

Linux Project Original Xbox Softmod KitThe Xbox Linux Project is installing Linux operating system on the original Xbox converting the Xbox into a personal computer (PC). Xbox Linux features internet browser, text editor, file manager and more. Also, a mouse and keyboard can be used with a usb converter. There are several types of Xbox Linux such as xDSL, Gentoox and Xebian. Windows 98 is also able to be installed as long as the Linux xDSL is installed.

New Dashboard

xbox softmod dashboard unleashxThe dashboard is start up screen of the Xbox. After softmod has been installed on the original Xbox it will start up with a new dashboard, either UnleashX (photo) or EvolutionX. The new dashboard will give access to the Xbox file system and allow you to transfer files between Xbox and computer. *The original Xbox dashboard will still be accessible.